Campus Virtual


UdL user management: activation, recovery, password change, etc.

UdL e-mail: for staying up-to-date with the latest news

Students website: services, available tools, job portal, etc.

Student's Council: maximum representative body for this collective.

University Information and Orientation: unit that assists students.

User support: location of technical support spaces in every centre.


UdL user management: activation, recovery, password change, etc.

Support and Advice to the Teaching Activity: issues and assistance on virtual campus use.

External profile

External users should receive a welcome e-mail for configuring their account.

Password update tool: resets actual password.

Virtual campus details: GRADEBOOK

Do you want to dig into this useful tool? Discover this and other teacher-targeted ideas in a new SAKAI informative pill series now available at the virtual campus Help Center:

Advanced use of tools: GRADEBOOK Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Videotutorials about virtual campus tools focused on teachers

You can check many help elements about the most used tools in the Virtual Campus Help Center website.

Tool video tutorials If your doubt is still unanswered, contact us


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